The next "First Friday" will take place on November 1

(October’s FF will take place at the Rosh Hashanah communal dinner. RSVP here)
The First Friday for November is sponsored by

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In Honor/Memory of

Still Available

The monthly Kiddush Buffet is sponsored by families in the community, and because of their generosity, everyone that attends Chabad enjoys a delicious dinner. We would like to open the opportunity for sponsorship to you, to sponsor and dedicate a Kiddush.

Sponsoring the Kiddush in memory of a loved one on the occasion of a Yahrtzeit, in honor of a family occasion, event, birthday or anniversary, is a wonderful opportunity to share your celebration with family and friends in the warm Chabad community setting.

Sponsorship available for $120

Please contact Rabbi Shneur at 203-364-4149 or at 

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